The Technological Decade of 2020s

1. In the next 10 years we will start to transmit information, thoughts, emotions, feelings, and memories across the planet through ‘Brain-net’ replacing internet.

2. Our life events will be recorded both digitally and emotionally.

3. Our brains will be hooked to a computer to decode memories and thoughts.

4. We would feel and experience the pain of others.

5. 3D printers will be able to print everything from cheap clothing and Lego-style housing modules to human organs that contain our own DNA.

6. Virtual and augmented realities will allow us to visit people that are thousands of miles apart, and create avatar of loved ones who have passed.

7. Bioengineering breakthroughs will let us reprogram the human genome to eradicate diseases and transform the aging processes.

8. JARVIS-type personal assistants will become a part of our daily life. They will scan our biometric data, monitor our health, troubleshoot problems and will keep account of everything we define as substantial matrices. They will be accountable to provide immediate answers to our questions, and to conduct massive, instantaneous data searches for us.

9. Human surgeons will operate remotely on patients using robots, and robot doctors will treat patients and offer medical advice by phone.

10. Predictive machines with transform healthcare. Medical devices that sniff our breath will diagnose early diseases, and free DNA sequencing will analyse our future health.

11. Artificial intelligence will not only become a human companion but will be smarter than humans. They’ll be fully embedded in cars, robots, homes, and hospitals.

12. Bitcoin will replace traditional hard money.

13. The “on-demand” revolution will collide with bio-engineering, creating a marketplace of biological software upgrades.

14. Ubiquitous automation will continue to make our day-to-day life infinitely richer, and self-driving cars will completely replace traditional automobiles.

15. We will move into a world where access completely trumps ownership.

16. We will develop a full and complete map of the human brain. It will help us understand how we form trusting and cooperative relationships, why we hate and fight with one another.

17. It will ultimately allow policy makers to determine how humanity and society should be governed.

18. We will have a permanently lunar outpost built entirely by robots.

19. We will live in a touchscreen world where nearly all surfaces will have computation power.

20. Commercial spacecrafts will take us to the moon or beyond.