World After Hundred Years From Now: Vision 2120

Samsung recently commissioned the world’s leading futurists, architects, technological forecasters and sociological soothsayers to cast their visionary insight hundred years into the future. The results were gathered in the “SmartThings Future Living Report.” which might just become the  Sibylline Books of our day-a prophetic checklist for the world to come.

1. 3D printed homes

Homes of the future will consist of algorithm programmed into a computer, and 3D printed by forms of drones.

2. Exotic Power Sources

Our energy needs will be supplied by nuclear fusion and image space-based solar erase that soak up the sun’s light and team energy back to Earth

3. Building Big

The cities of the future will use fantastically strong and versatile building materials-such as carbon nanotubes.

4. Cities Under The Sea

“Sabic us cities” will ply the ocean currents, splitting water to produce oxygen for breathing and hydrogen fuel for its fusion power plants.

5. City in a Building

Immense “arcologies” (architectural ecologies)will draft today’s tallest skyscrapers.

6. Building Deep

Meanwhile, huge “earthscrapers” will burrow deep beneath the ground, tapping into the Earth’s heat and geothermal properties to provide energy.

7. Man-Machine Symbiosis

The fusion of man and man’s technology blurs the line between what is human and what is not.

8. Eye on The Sky

The 100 metre telescope will permit us a glimpse of the farthest regions of the universe, and allow us to map the surface features of exoplanets-and maybe even find signs of extraterrestrial life.

9. DIY Healthcare

Homes will come standard with walk-in medical capsules or pods, capable of multispectral scanning for disease or damage.

10. Designer Humans

The use of gene-editing technology, such as CRISPR/Cas9, will allow us to exert full control over our biological and evolutionary future.

11. The “Scramjet” Set

Private sub-orbital spaceflight will allow high speed transportation around the globe, blurring the lines between nations and contributing to the rise of a nomadic and rootless culture.

12. Going Mobile

3D-printed homes may become as mobile as we are-easily folded up and transported by “drone mules” to almost any location.

13. Upwards and Onwards

Advances in materials and propulsion technology will enable us to complete the manned reconnaissance of the solar system.

14. Multi Planetary Species

Humans will begin the laborious, centuries-long process of colonizing and perhaps terraforming Mars.

15. Ad Astra

Eventually, we will develop interstellar probes that will enable us to investigate the nearest stars and their planets, searching for new forms of life and even new homes for our species.